Photo of Anil Ada

Anil Ada

Associate Teaching Professor


    Photo of Henny Admoni

    Henny Admoni

    Associate Professor

    Human-Robot Interaction, Assistive Robotics, Modeling Human Behavior

      Photo of Yuvraj Agarwal

      Yuvraj Agarwal

      Associate Professor

      Systems and Networking, Embedded Systems, Mobile Computing

        Photo of Len Bass

        Len Bass

        Professor - Adjunct


          Photo of Alan Black

          Alan Black

          Professor - Emeritus

          Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics

            Photo of Travis Breaux

            Travis Breaux

            Associate Professor

            Privacy, Security, Requirements and Software Engineering

              Photo of Henry Chai

              Henry Chai

              Assistant Teaching Professor

              Machine Learning, Active Learning, Probabilistic Numerics

                Photo of Nicolas Christin

                Nicolas Christin


                Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Dark Web

                  Photo of Philip Compeau

                  Philip Compeau

                  Associate Teaching Professor

                  Fundamentals of Bioinformatics

                    Photo of John Dolan

                    John Dolan

                    Principal Systems Scientist

                    Autonomous Driving, Robot Reliability

                      Photo of Jeff Eppinger

                      Jeff Eppinger


                      Web Application Server Development

                        Photo of John Galeotti

                        John Galeotti

                        Senior Systems Scientist

                        Medical image Analysis Algorithms

                          Photo of David Garlan

                          David Garlan


                          Software Architecture

                            Photo of Rayid Ghani

                            Rayid Ghani

                            Distinguished Career Professor

                            Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence

                              Photo of Ioannis Gkioulekas

                              Ioannis Gkioulekas

                              Assistant Professor

                              Computer Vision, Computational imaging

                                Photo of Mayank Goel

                                Mayank Goel

                                Associate Professor

                                Sensing Systems, Applied Machine Learning

                                  Photo of Geoff Gordon

                                  Geoff Gordon


                                  Machine Learning, Large Datasets

                                    Photo of Matthew Gormley

                                    Matthew Gormley

                                    Associate Teaching Professor

                                    Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing

                                      Photo of Anupam Gupta

                                      Anupam Gupta


                                      Algorithms, Data Structures, Theoretical Computer Science

                                        Photo of David Held

                                        David Held

                                        Assistant Professor

                                        Intersection of Robotics, Machine Learning, Computer Vision

                                          Photo of Hanan Hibshi

                                          Hanan Hibshi

                                          Assistant Teaching Professor

                                          Cybersecurity, Privacy, Memory Safety, Blockchain

                                            Photo of Michael Kaess

                                            Michael Kaess

                                            Associate Professor

                                            Robot Perception, Localization, Mapping

                                              Photo of Eunsuk Kang

                                              Eunsuk Kang

                                              Assistant Professor

                                              Sofware Design, Requirements, Modeling, Specification and Verification, AI-enabled Systems

                                                Photo of Kris Kitani

                                                Kris Kitani

                                                Associate Research Professor

                                                Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Autonomous Systems

                                                  Photo of Oliver Kroemer

                                                  Oliver Kroemer

                                                  Assistant Professor

                                                  Robot Autonomy

                                                    Photo of Claire Le Goues

                                                    Claire Le Goues

                                                    Associate Professor

                                                    Software Engineering

                                                      Photo of Changliu Liu

                                                      Changliu Liu

                                                      Assistant Professor

                                                      Provably Safe Robotics, Adaptive Control, Reinforcement Learning

                                                        Photo of Alex John London

                                                        Alex John London

                                                        K&L Gates Professor of Ethics and Computational Technologies

                                                        Ethics and Artificial Intelligence

                                                          Photo of Tom Mitchell

                                                          Tom Mitchell

                                                          Founders University Professor

                                                          Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Neuroscience

                                                            Photo of David Mortensen

                                                            David Mortensen

                                                            Systems Scientist

                                                            Natural Language Processing

                                                              Photo of Srinivasa Narasimhan

                                                              Srinivasa Narasimhan


                                                              Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Cameras and Sensing

                                                                Photo of Graham Neubig

                                                                Graham Neubig

                                                                Associate Professor

                                                                Natural Language Processing, Spoken Language Processing, Machine Learning

                                                                  Photo of Matthew O'Toole

                                                                  Matthew O'Toole

                                                                  Assistant Professor

                                                                  Computer Vision, Facial Recognition

                                                                    Photo of Rohan Padhye

                                                                    Rohan Padhye

                                                                    Assistant Professor

                                                                    Software engineering, Programming Languages, Systems, Security

                                                                      Photo of Deepak Pathak

                                                                      Deepak Pathak

                                                                      Assistant Professor

                                                                      Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Robotics

                                                                        Photo of Bhiksha Raj

                                                                        Bhiksha Raj


                                                                        Deep Learning

                                                                          Photo of Pradeep Ravikumar

                                                                          Pradeep Ravikumar


                                                                          Machine Learning, Explainable AI, Robust AI

                                                                            Photo of Kelly Rivers

                                                                            Kelly Rivers

                                                                            Assistant Teaching Professor


                                                                              Photo of Carolyn Rose

                                                                              Carolyn Rose


                                                                              Language Technologies, Human-Computer Interaction

                                                                                Photo of Stephanie Rosenthal

                                                                                Stephanie Rosenthal

                                                                                Assistant Teaching Professor

                                                                                AI, Human-Computer Interaction

                                                                                  Photo of Norman Sadeh

                                                                                  Norman Sadeh


                                                                                  Privacy, Cybersecurity, Human-AI interaction, Trustworthy AI

                                                                                    Photo of Sebastian Scherer

                                                                                    Sebastian Scherer

                                                                                    Associate Research Professor

                                                                                    safe perception and autonomy for drones, advanced air mobility, mobile robots

                                                                                      Photo of Bradley Schmerl

                                                                                      Bradley Schmerl

                                                                                      Principal Systems Scientist

                                                                                      Sofware Architecture

                                                                                        Photo of Jeff Schneider

                                                                                        Jeff Schneider

                                                                                        Research Professor

                                                                                        Robot Autonomy, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

                                                                                          Photo of Reid Simmons

                                                                                          Reid Simmons

                                                                                          Research Professor

                                                                                          AI, Randomized Algorithms

                                                                                            Photo of Rita Singh

                                                                                            Rita Singh

                                                                                            Associate Research Professor

                                                                                            Deep Learning

                                                                                              Photo of Mark Stehlik

                                                                                              Mark Stehlik

                                                                                              University Professor


                                                                                                Photo of Sherry Tongshuang Wu

                                                                                                Sherry Tongshuang Wu

                                                                                                Assistant Professor

                                                                                                LLMs and Prompt Engineering, Human Computer Interaction, Natural Language Processing

                                                                                                  Photo of Shubham Tulsiani

                                                                                                  Shubham Tulsiani

                                                                                                  Assistant Professor

                                                                                                  Computer Vision, Robot Learning for Manipulation, Sensing & Perception

                                                                                                    Photo of Patrick Virtue

                                                                                                    Patrick Virtue

                                                                                                    Assistant Teaching Professor

                                                                                                    Machine Learning

                                                                                                      Photo of Shinji Watanabe

                                                                                                      Shinji Watanabe

                                                                                                      Associate Professor

                                                                                                      SPEECH PROCESSING

                                                                                                        Photo of David Woodruff

                                                                                                        David Woodruff


                                                                                                        Algorithms, Data Structures

                                                                                                          Photo of Joseph Yankel

                                                                                                          Joseph Yankel

                                                                                                          Faculty - Adjunct


                                                                                                            Photo of Hasan Yasar

                                                                                                            Hasan Yasar

                                                                                                            Technical Director


                                                                                                              Photo of Jun-Yan Zhu

                                                                                                              Jun-Yan Zhu

                                                                                                              Assistant Professor

                                                                                                              Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Machine Learning