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Our faculty have pushed the boundaries of computer science since the inception of the field, in topics ranging from artificial intelligence and robotics to machine learning and language technologies — and everything in between. Who better to guide you on your enterprise upskilling journey than the experts shaping the future of computer science?

But our reputation transcends ground-breaking research. We're also among the world's best technology educators. We continue to top national rankings for best computer science programs, and our faculty members are globally recognized for their innovative teaching. You'll find SCS alumni leading technology revolutions at the biggest companies in the game — with the skills they learned from the same instructors who will guide your enterprise upskilling programs.

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Computer science and artificial intelligence continue to drive most elements of modern living, and organizations of all sizes simply cannot afford to stand still. Artificial intelligence research and education is in our DNA. As one of the world’s foremost computer science education and research hubs, CMU's School of Computer Science has an unsurpassed track record of pushing technology frontiers and setting the course for what’s next. We're also committed to sharing knowledge with industry through our executive and professional education programs. Our faculty, simply, are incomparable when it comes to helping you upskill your organization in all areas of computer science.

Martial Hebert
Dean, CMU School of Computer Science


Areas of Expertise

It's impossible to list every area of computer science where we have made landmark breakthroughs. But below you can find some common areas where we often provide education and input for industry partners.

Artificial IntelligenceNatural Language Processing
Machine LearningNetworking
Computer VisionComputational Biology
Software Analysis and AssuranceHuman Computer/AI Interaction
Deep LearningRobotics
Web Applications/Mobile ApplicationsRobot Autonomy/Safe Autonomy
Distributed SystemsMachine Learning and Drug Discovery
Human AI InteractionSpeech Recognition

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Unique Challenges, Tailored Solutions

You face complex, nuanced, unique challenges. We'll work with you to design a custom solution that meets those challenges as they are, not as we imagine them to be.

Design and Development

When we design a course for your team, we perform an initial needs assessment and create learning objectives. In the second phase, our faculty collaborate with your team, working closely to design and develop a program that directly addresses those learning objectives and also includes the content and session structure. During program delivery, we perform evaluations to measure the course's quantifiable impact and refine the course if necessary based on feedback.

Tailored Solutions are developed through the following steps: Needs Assessment, Team Assembly, Program Design, Curriculum Development, and Program Delivery.

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